The Canadian Podcast Listener has been providing insights into the podcast landscape since 2017, and has been the only study since that time that asks respondents to name the podcasts they listened to in the past month.

Our most recent study reflects the responses from 1,600 monthly podcast listeners age 18 +, and was collected in the first half of October 2021.

You can use the Canadian Podcast Chart to:

  • See the top podcasts, publishers and genres across different demographic splits
  • Select ‘bundles’ of podcasts, publishers and genres to see how they perform together against some common buying demographics

A few things to note along the way:

Podcasting is still an incredibly fragmented media. The #2 podcast in this year’s study reached <3% of podcast listeners on its own. This means that while sample sizes are large enough to look at the overall reach of podcasts relative to one another, the demographic composition of any one podcast is based on a small sample. We recommend combining several podcasts together, or looking at publishers/genres as a whole when evaluating the performance of a potential campaign.
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